Stop Attacks on LGBTQ Kentuckians


The Kentucky General Assembly has introduced a Slate of Hate targeting LGBTQ Kentuckians of all ages. Take action by asking your legislator to oppose:

  • Senate Bill 90 - A law that would allow people to refuse health care to LGBTQ Kentuckians.

  • Senate Bill 114 - A law that would allow discrimination against trans athletes.

  • House Bill 132 - A law regulating trans student access to school restrooms and locker rooms.

  • House Bill 321 - An attempt to make it illegal for parents to seek trans-related medical care for their children that are under the age of 18.

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Kentucky faces a lot of challenges. That is why I’m surprised and saddened as your constituent to see the General Assembly is prioritizing a Slate of Hate, targeting LGBTQ Kentuckians. I ask you to vote no on all these pieces of legislation: SB90, SB114, HB132, and HB321.

Promoting baseless fears about LGBTQ folks is not aligned with our Kentucky values. Please vote no on these bills SB90, SB114, HB132, and HB321, and spend your limited time focused on the many crises our Commonwealth faces.


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