Tell your lawmakers: Stop the attacks on undocumented Kentuckians

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Families belong together. Tell lawmakers to stop attacking undocumented Kentuckians and oppose House Bill 231.

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Families belong together and all people in Kentucky should feel safe in their communities, regardless of their skin color or country of origin.

For several years in a row, legislation has been filed that would force state and local law enforcement officers to prioritize immigration enforcement over their existing responsibilities, like responding to calls for service and investigating state and local crimes. These proposals would separate families, weaken public safety, harm educational opportunity for all people, and expose all Kentuckians of color to racial profiling and intimidation.

Immigration status is fluid: Someone may be undocumented today and eligible for a visa tomorrow, and here on a student visa today and undocumented after graduating. Immigration status is complicated and local law enforcement are not equipped to determine if someone is here lawfully.

Diversity strengthens education: Kentucky kids should not be afraid to go to school. Studies show diversity at school leads to better learning outcomes. It teaches students how to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints.

Immigration grows the economy: Immigrants and children of immigrants are two times more likely to start a business. Undocumented immigrants in Kentucky paid approximately $36.6 million in state and local taxes in 2014. That would rise to $52.7 million if they were documented.

Despite the many differences between Kentuckians, I think we can all agree that family is everything. Being born outside of our commonwealth does not make Kentuckians any less Kentuckian. Children should never be separated from their parents for immigration enforcement.

As your constituent, I respectfully urge you to keep Kentucky families together by opposing House Bill 231.


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