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Cash bail often forces people to purchase their freedom at a time they are presumed innocent. Wealth should never determine a person’s freedom or influence justice.

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Wealth should never determine a person's freedom or influence the justice system. Cash bail puts Kentuckians behind bars at a time when they are presumed innocent.

I believe in the Constitution and its provisions for presumption of innocence. I believe that neither wealth nor poverty should be a factor in determining justice. Please support responsible bail reform in Kentucky for a fairer justice system.

The pandemic proved we can reform cash bail without compromising public safety. Thousands of people were released pre-trial nationwide in 2020 to reduce crowding and limit the spread of the coronavirus in jails and prisons. According to Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton, the 6,000 Kentuckians released pre-trial due to the pandemic had the same rearrest rate as those released during the same period the year before: 4.6%.

As your constituent, I respectfully urge you to support bail reform that responsibly reduces pretrial detention, eliminates wealth-based detention, and combats racial disparities in the pretrial context. Thank you for listening and for your service to the commonwealth.


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