Let Children Out of the Criminal Justice System


Kids cannot drive, sit on juries, enter contracts, join the military, smoke, drink, marry, or hold political office. But, when it comes to matters of crime and punishment, the differences between children and adults are too often ignored.

Join us in asking the legislature to keep kids out of the adult criminal justice by putting in place common sense reforms in Senate Bill 87.

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A variety of Kentucky laws treats Kentucky kids like adults when it comes to our justice system. These laws hurt all Kentucky families but they have a disproportionate impact on Black kids. We need a system that treats Kentucky kids like kids not like tiny adults – please support Senate Bill 87 to end the automatic transfer of juveniles facing certain charges to adult court. SB 87 will restore prosecutorial discretion, allowing prosecutors to offer every Kentucky kid the best opportunity for success.

Children who have been accused of acting out should be supported with access to services and not punished. Children are different, please vote yes on Senate Bill 87.


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