Stop the Bans: Support abortion access in Kentucky


Over the past four years, Kentucky legislators have launched an assault on Kentucky’s last remaining abortion clinic in an attempt to limit access to abortion care. Ask your representatives in Frankfort to oppose these coordinated attacks on abortion:

  • House Bill 521/HB 451 – Laws that would expand the powers of the Attorney General’s Office to enforce Kentucky’s abortion-related statutes
  • House Bill 370 – Law that targets abortion providers with new, burdensome regulations on the handling of biological tissue
  • House Bill 391 – Law that would expand the work of the Auditor of Public Accounts to perform an annual audit of abortion provider’s reports to Vital Statistics
  • House Bill 67 – -An anti-abortion constitutional amendment that would assert there is no legal right to an abortion that can be argued through the provisions of Kentucky’s constitution
  • House Bill 142 – Law that would gag health care providers and limit their ability to talk with patients about abortion care
  • Senate Bill 9 – Law that specifically targets abortion and injects politicians into the patient-physician relationship, disregarding providers’ training and clinical judgment and undermining their ability to determine the best course of action with their patients

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As your constituent, I recognize we may hold differing views on abortion, but I think we can agree that the decision to become a parent is a big one.

As your constituent, I ask you to stop the bans. Please oppose this long list of bills HB521, HB451, HB370, HB391, SB9, HB142, and HB67.


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