Stop the Bans: Support abortion access in Kentucky


Over the past several years, Kentucky legislators have launched an assault on abortion access. Abortion is a constitutional right guaranteed to all people in all 50 states. Ask your representatives in Frankfort to stop the bans and support reproductive freedom in the commonwealth.

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As your constituent, I recognize we may hold differing views on abortion care, but I think we can agree that the decision to become a parent is deeply personal and best made by the pregnant person themselves. House Bill 91 will push abortion care entirely out of reach for all Kentuckians, regardless of their circumstances. This extreme piece of legislation does not even provide exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, or for life-threatening conditions that may require abortion care.

As your constituent, I ask you to stop the bans. Please respect Kentuckians' reproductive rights and don’t waste our limited tax dollars on litigating unconstitutional bills. I respectfully urge you to vote no on House Bill 91.


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