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The death penalty is cruel, unusual, irreversible, and racist. It must be abolished now.

Urge Kentucky lawmakers to end this barbaric practice once and for all.

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The death penalty is cruel and unusual, and it can never be reversed. Abolishing the death penalty has broad support in the commonwealth. 57.8% of Kentuckians prefer alternatives to capital punishment, and 72.4% of Kentuckians support a moratorium on executions.

Capital punishment is not only unpopular but also a failed practice that arbitrarily targets Black people. 67% of all people sentenced to death in Kentucky between 1976 and 2011 had the sentence vacated - a shocking failure rate of two in three. The death penalty has also proven to show extreme racial bias. Among the 82 death sentences in Kentucky since 1975, cases with white victims were five times more likely to result in a death sentence than cases with Black victims, and Black men have been 20 times more likely to receive a death sentence when the victim is a white female.

It is past time to end this barbaric practice in the commonwealth. As your constituent, I respectfully urge you to join the majority of Kentuckians and support Senate Bill 47 to abolish the death penalty once and for all.


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