No matter who you are or where you're going, riding the Metro should be a safe, reliable, and accessible experience for all Angelenos.

But each year, the Los Angeles Metro Board of Directors — a public body made up of various city and county officials — wastes $222-million on policing our Metro — a bloated and ineffective approach to commuter safety.

Contracting Metro police causes more harm than good. Officers stop and cite more Black transit riders than any other community, despite Black riders making up only 18 percent of Metro ridership. Officers also target poor and unhoused people accessing public services. We know there are more effective responses to commuter safety that respect people regardless of their race or income.

Last year, the Metro Board of Directors established a program of unarmed transit ambassadors who can address emergencies with professionalism and care. Right now, as it considers renewing contracts, the board should continue to invest in transit ambassadors and Metro infrastructure like better lighting, more reliable timetables and service, and fareless transit..

Take action by signing this petition and demand that L.A. Metro’s Board of Directors discontinue contracts with law enforcement to reduce waste on redundant and harmful police patrol and fund approaches that actually keep commuters safe.

The Alliance for Community Transit – Los Angeles (ACT-LA) is a coalition of over 40 member organizations — including the ACLU SoCal — throughout Los Angeles County that strives to create just, equitable, sustainable transit systems and neighborhoods for all people in Los Angeles, placing the interest of low-income communities and communities of color first.

Keep LA Metro Safe
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Keep L.A. Metro Safe: Prioritize Care-First Approaches
To Los Angeles Metro Board of Directors:

I support ACT-LA's call for care-first safety approaches on the Metro: End our unnecessary and harmful reliance on police in public transit and continue to fund more effective and proven safety initiatives such as our transit ambassador program and better infrastructure like improved lighting and more reliable and timely service.


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