Tell the Broward County Commission: We Need Accountability and Justice for Kevin Desir

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The Broward County Commission has agreed to hear a request from Chainless Change, other partner organizations, and residents for transparency and accountability regarding Kevin Desir. Kevin Desir was killed in custody by Broward County Sheriff's Office deputies in 2021. The topic has been added to the agenda for the next commission meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, May 24 at 10 a.m. It is item #40.

Over a year has passed since Kevin Desir’s death. To date, no action has been taken against any of the officers involved, nor have any steps been taken to prevent another tragedy. We need to make our voices heard to ensure we get justice for Kevin Desir, his family, and others who are victims of police abuse and misconduct in Broward County.

The commissioners need to hear from you! Please use the form below to send a message to the Broward County Commissioners.


Show up in solidarity at the county commission meeting on Tuesday, May 24. Participation in the hearing can either be in-person or remote. We also encourage those interested in speaking to register to make a public comment. The hearing will be held at 115 S Andrews Ave # 421, Fort Lauderdale, FL. You can register to speak remotely by visiting this webpage.  You can also register to speak in person. In-person speakers must arrive by 9:30 AM to register in person. 

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As a Broward County resident, I am writing to request transparency, accountability, and the implementation of solution-oriented and life-saving policies as it pertains to safeguarding the wellbeing of those who are housed within local jails.

As you know, Kevin Desir was killed by BSO officers while detained in the North Broward Bureau in January of last year. He was brutally tased, pepper sprayed, and beaten to death — despite being handcuffed the entire time. The Broward State Attorney’s Office released their version of the contents of the video evidence, and BSO issued a late night press release on May 19, but to date, records related to his death have not been released, the officers involved have not been held accountable, and policies were not implemented to prevent further harm to those who are incarcerated in local jails.

As a Broward County resident, I implore you to address this matter by using all of the options that are at your disposal to ensure that violent BSO officers are held accountable, public records are released in a timely manner, in-depth reviews of incidents involving use of force are routinely conducted, and safety-centered policies are implemented in local institutions that are under the supervision of Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Thank you for your service to our community.


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