It’s time for Gov. Cooper to use his clemency powers to protect people in prisons.

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The current state of North Carolina’s prisons can only be described as a humanitarian and public health disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic and severe prison understaffing have only exacerbated this crisis. As a result, families are at risk of losing their loved ones due to unsafe prison conditions.

Governor Cooper is the only person who has the power to save lives and reunite families through clemency.

Fill the form below to urge Gov. Cooper to use his clemency powers to protect all people in North Carolina prisons and bring home people who are elderly, ill, or who were convicted under age 18 and served at least 10 years of their sentence.

Prison sentences should not turn into death sentences.
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I am writing to urge you to take action to release vulnerable people from our state's prisons.

We urge you to use your clemency powers to reunite families and release vulnerable people from our state’s prisons now.


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