Stop Attempts to Censor Talk About Race in Schools

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Indiana state legislators are trying to prevent students from having an open and equitable dialogue about our country's history – one that acknowledges the role of racism in U.S. history and includes the experiences and viewpoints of people of color and other marginalized communities.

Multiple classroom censorship bills are being fast-tracked in the latest effort in a nationwide trend attempting to ban talk about race and gender in schools.

Imagine being a middle school history teacher and not being allowed to use concepts or terms like "systemic racism" to teach about slavery. Or being required to remain "neutral" when discussing the history of groups such as the Ku Klux Klan or Nazis. What Indiana lawmakers claim are "harmful" and "divisive" ideologies are actually concepts used to educate individuals on the systemic barriers and forms of discrimination people of color and other marginalized groups still face in this country.

Don't let our representatives rob young people of an inclusive education. Demand legislators vote no on classroom censorship bills.

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I am contacting you about classroom censorship bills, including HB 1134, which would have a chilling effect on teachers' and students' speech regarding race and sex discrimination.

All young people deserve to learn an inclusive and complete history in schools, free from censorship or discrimination.

I urge you to oppose HB 1134. Thank you for your time.


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