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Tell Your Legislators: We Want Fair Maps

The right to vote is a critical cornerstone of our democracy and part of guaranteeing every vote counts equally is ensuring fair redistricting.

Those in power have used gerrymandering tactics throughout history to manipulate political outcomes and weaken the voices of Black and Brown voters.

This year's redistricting process offers a once-in-a-decade opportunity to ensure all voters are fairly represented and have an equal voice.

Let your state legislators know: We want fair maps!

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"One person, one vote" is at the heart of our democracy, and part of guaranteeing every vote counts equally is ensuring fair voting maps.

When it comes to having a say over who represents us, most Hoosiers want similar things. We want a transparent and fair process we can trust, where communities remain whole, Black and Brown votes are not diluted, and where all voters have an equal voice.

Voters should choose their representatives – not the other way around.

Hoosier voters deserve a transparent and fair redistricting process.

Let voters have a meaningful opportunity to voice their opinions during the redistricting process. Keep communities of interest together. Make the maps fair and representative of Hoosier voters.


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