Defend LGBTQ Hoosiers: Stop "Don’t Say Gay" & Trans Medical Care Bans

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The Indiana General Assembly is not backing down on their Slate of Hate. A number of bills that discriminate against LGBTQ Hoosiers are on the move and your legislators need to hear from you.

HB 1608, a bill modeled after Florida’s infamous "Don’t Say Gay" would censor or even ban discussion or acknowledgement of LGBTQ people in schools. It would also force teachers and school administrators to "out" transgender students without their consent — risking their safety at both home and school.

SB 480 would ban nearly all forms of science-based medical care available to transgender youth, prohibiting families and doctors from providing this life-saving care to youth who need it. Bills like this go against the medical advice of every major medical association in the country, and violate the rights of parents and families to make decisions about their children’s health. This bill is part of a coordinated campaign to drive transgender people, particularly youth, out of public life.

Let's be loud and clear: LGBTQ people belong everywhere, including in our state, and we will not stand for these attack bills.

Contact your legislators, House Speaker Huston, Senate Pro Tempore Bray, and the Chair of Senate Health + Provider Services Committee and ask them to protect LGBTQ Hoosiers.

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I am writing to ask that you oppose anti-LGBTQ legislation, such as HB 1608 and SB 480.

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