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Freedom of expression protects our right to read, learn and share ideas free from viewpoint-based censorship. Yet, the Indiana General Assembly is attempting to suppress that right by banning books in school libraries.

SB 12 would open school librarians and teachers up to felony prosecution for having any material that a parent might deem "harmful to minors" – a vague term that has historically been used to ban books related to LGBTQ topics.

Some politicians and parents are waging a campaign to erase LGBTQ families from public life, and it is no coincidence that this bill has been filed alongside several other anti-LGBTQ bills.

Books offer access to the entire spectrum of human knowledge, art, and ideas. Through the library shelves, kids can explore ideas and learn to think for themselves. Taking away that access is un-American.

Contact the Indiana House Education Committee and ask them to vote no on SB 12.

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I am writing to ask that you oppose SB 12, a bill that threatens students' rights to read, learn and share ideas free from viewpoint-based censorship.

Please stop these attacks on students' rights and vote no on SB 12.

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