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Senate Bill 471 is part of a nationwide push by special interest groups working to suppress free speech. Following recent upticks in activism in the form of protests and rallies against Trump-Pence administration policies, it is clear that this bill aims to undercut dissenting voices.

Existing laws already prohibit trespassing and damaging property. The purpose of this bill is to chill free speech by weakening First Amendment rights and threatening to entrap those who seek to speak truth to power. If a protester is arrested for trespassing or other damages, all other organizations and groups involved in the protest may be at risk of heavy fines. Proponents of these bills are using protection of “critical infrastructure” as a guise to squash legitimate challenges to corporate actions and policies.

At best, this bill is entirely unnecessary. At worst, it is meant to chill speech. A person cannot lawfully be prosecuted for using truthful information to sway public opinion. That is an attack on democracy – one we will continue to resist.

Tell the House Committee on Judiciary to protect free speech. Take action now!

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I strongly urge you to oppose SB 471. Existing laws already prohibit trespassing and damaging property. This over-broad bill would impose hefty criminal penalties on nonviolent, peaceful protesters.

Please stand up for free speech for Hoosiers by opposing SB 471.


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