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In recent years, Illinois has made great progress in providing private, clean space for parents who need to pump breast milk while at work or in other spaces. One law requires lactation rooms in all Illinois airports.

Senate Bill 3503 fills in a gap – in our state courthouses. While current law addresses the need of those employed in a courthouse who need to pump breast milk at work, the law does not apply to nursing parents who spend long hours at the court – as an attorney, a juror or a witness.

Senate Bill 3503 ensures that no one is forced to choose between civic engagement and breastfeeding their baby.

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No one should be forced to pump in a restroom stall
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As someone concerned about helping families in Illinois, I urge you to become a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3503. The bill ensures that nursing parents have access to a clean, private space to pump breast milk when they are in an Illinois state trial courthouse. The measure simply requires courthouses to make a lactation room or area – with a chair, a table and an electrical outlet – available for pumping.

Illinois law has addressed many concerns for nursing parents. Senate Bill 3503 fills in a gap in the current law. I urge you to support this measure by becoming a sponsor.


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