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Each year, more than 50,000 Illinois residents lose their driver’s licenses – but not for a moving violation, but rather because of parking tickets and other non-safety violations. Losing the ability to drive leads to unemployment, poverty and experiencing homelessness. We can change these destructive policies.

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As a constituent concerned about justice, I urge you to support Senate Bill 1786 when it is presented in the Transportation Committee. Each year in Illinois, more than 50,000 people have their driver's licenses suspended for unpaid parking tickets and other reasons that have nothing to do with their driving records or public safety. This is not fair. Losing one’s license leads to people losing their jobs. Not being able to get to work makes it harder to pay the fine, trapping people in a vicious cycle of debt, poverty and even incarceration.

Overdue parking tickets and other non-moving violations should not send entire families into poverty. Governments can hold people accountable without taking away their ability to make a living. A majority of states collect these fines without relying on license suspension, but Illinois’ current policy forces people to choose between unemployment and the risk of going to jail for driving on a suspended license.

The License to Work Act is a bipartisan bill that eliminates driver’s license suspensions as a penalty for unpaid tickets and most other non-moving violations. Please support the measure when it is considered in Springfield.


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