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Governor Cooper recently vetoed HB 324, a bill that would restrict discourse about racism and sexism in the classroom.

North Carolina’s students, especially students of color, should benefit from a comprehensive and inclusive education. Our students have the right to learn about U.S. history, cultures, and values through lessons that integrate the viewpoints of marginalized communities.

By interfering in the ability to teach about legacies of sexism and racism, HB 324 will limit educators’ abilities to talk about the full scope of ongoing legacies of violence that disproportionately harm Black and Brown people.

Legislators cannot and should not censor classroom content. Fill out the form below to urge your state Senator and Representative to uphold Governor Cooper’s veto of HB 324.

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I am writing today to urge you to uphold Governor Cooper’s veto of HB 324.

I am counting on you to vote to sustain Governor Cooper’s veto of HB 324.


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