Free Our Families. Sentencing Reform NOW.


Every person has value and is worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their past. But Arizona’s criminal justice system is overly harsh. We have one of the highest incarceration rates in the nation. People serve longer sentences in Arizona than they would in other states and they have no opportunity to earn additional time off their sentences for good behavior. It's time we change that. HB 2753 and HB 2808 are a first step toward making our criminal justice system fairer, smarter, and more effective. Contact your state representatives today and ask them to support HB 2753 and HB 2808 and reform Arizona's outdated sentencing laws.

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Free Our Families. Sentencing Reform Now.
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I am writing to ask you to please support HB 2753 and HB 2808, bills that will reform Arizona's criminal justice system and allow people in prison to earn their way to an earlier release date.

Please support common sense sentencing reform laws, like HB 2808 and HB 2753. Please ensure these bills will apply to people currently in prison. It is a first step toward reforming Arizona's costly and ineffective criminal justice system and it will restore hope to incarcerated people and their families.

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