Support House Bill 189: Criminal justice reform in Florida


Florida’s criminal justice system is broken and we need meaningful criminal justice reform. HB 189 will encourage rehabilitation in prison, save taxpayer money, reduce recidivism, increase public safety, and reunite families.

Email your state representative and ask them to support this important reform.

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In Florida, we need to stop the revolving door of people leaving prison, only to return. We lock up too many people for far too long in prisons where we do next to nothing to rehabilitate them – so 33 percent of them reoffend. We are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on warehousing people and nothing on reforming them. This needs to change and HB 189 will do that.

This is the type of criminal justice reform we desperately need in Florida. We urge you to cosponsor HB 189 and make this bill a priority this year. Thank you.


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