Stop Senate Bill 168 & Protect Florida's Immigrant Communities


This is urgent.

A new bill in Florida, Senate Bill 168, would make it easier for law enforcement to racially profile members of our communities and harm public safety. SB 168 would also separate families in Florida, and we’ve already seen the devastating impact separating children from their families has on our community. This bill is cruel and we need to stop it now.

The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee is meeting next Monday, February 11 to vote on Senate Bill 168 and Senate President Bill Galvano and President Pro Tempore David Simmons need to hear from you on this important issue. 

Please take action now. Tell Senate President Bill Galvano and President Pro Tempore David Simmons to oppose Senate Bill 168 and protect immigrant communities. 

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There is a lot at stake if Senate Bill 168 passes in Florida. I'm writing to ask you to publicly oppose SB 168 before the Senate Judiciary Committee hears it on Monday, February 11, and to take a stand for families in our state.

If passed, Senate Bill 168 would hurt immigrants and their families, and have a devastating impact on people of color in Florida by requiring state and local personnel to act as immigration agents, risking violations of the U.S. Constitution. It will also drain limited law enforcement resources that could be used to protect our community. Laws like SB 168 have eroded trust between police and the communities they serve, and we know that makes Florida less safe.

Laws like these have shown that when immigrant communities are fearful of law enforcement it makes it harder for law enforcement to do their jobs and provide public safety.

Furthermore, SB 168 would compel local authorities to enforce warrantless ICE detainer requests. Courts have already found that such policies can lead to violations of people's Fourth Amendment rights.

SB 168 would have a devastating impact on all of Florida's communities. As a Floridian, I ask that you publicly oppose SB 168 and make it known that you stand with families and communities in Florida.


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