Tell Gov. DeSantis to take action to divest from police and invest in Black and Brown Communities


The epidemic of police violence in this country is not an issue of “bad apples.” Modern policing is rotten at its core. This must change now. Real change will come when we make meaningful changes to how police are funded.

So far, our leaders are not meeting the moment. Gov. DeSantis must do more now to ensure Black people are safe from police violence and reinvest in Black and Brown communities.

If you're ready to fight for a world where Black people do not have to live in fear of the police, send your email today. We'll also send you ways to further these crucial goals soon.

Message Recipients: Governor Ron DeSantis

Divestment policing action
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Across the country and in Florida, people are realizing the brutal truths of our nation’s approach to law enforcement and the living nightmare Black and Brown communities have experienced for generations. I’m writing to ask you to lead Florida into a new approach to policing that recognizes human dignity and equal treatment under the law. You are in a position to make real change, and that begins with just a few steps to divest from police and invest in communities:

- Reduce aid to local governments for sheriffs and law enforcement agencies, and divest all state funding for the Florida Sheriff’s Association;
- Direct any pass-through of federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grants exclusively to local drug or mental health diversion programs;
- Increase state funding for state and local re-entry job training programs and mental health counseling.

Please take these three steps and commit to taking more action in the future to bring equity to Black and Brown communities throughout Florida!


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