Take Action: Tell Gov. DeSantis to end police brutality in Florida


The epidemic of police violence in this country is not an issue of “bad apples.” Modern policing is rotten at its core. This must change now.

So far, our leaders are not meeting the moment. Gov. DeSantis must do more now to ensure Black people are safe from police violence.

Use the form below to send your email and tell him to act to end police brutality in Florida.

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FL Black Lives Matter Rally
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Across the country and in Florida, people are realizing the brutal truths of our nation’s approach to law enforcement and the living nightmare Black communities have experienced for generations. I’m writing to ask you to lead Florida into a new approach to policing that recognizes human dignity and equal treatment under the law. You are in a position to make real change, and that begins with just a few steps I’ve outlined below.

Please take these three steps and commit to taking more action in the future to end state-sponsored terror against Black people:

1. Speak out against police brutality and violence and encourage local jurisdictions to hold police accountable for their actions and the actions of their fellow officers;

2. Pledge to enact legislation that immediately ends the use of strangleholds, chokeholds and all other neck restraint tactics by law enforcement in Florida, mandatory duty to report, and ending the use of rubber bullets and tear gas;

3. Pledge to enact legislation ending qualified immunity in Florida, and permit individuals to bring claims against police officers who violate their constitutional rights under Florida law.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. As our elected governor, please take action now to address racial injustice in Florida.


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