End the IGSA contract with ICE in Howard County


Howard County residents have been showing up at town hall meetings, calling, emailing, and having meetings with County Council members for months urging them to end the contract between ICE and the Jessup detention center. Yet the contract is still in place, and ICE is still renting beds so they can keep separating Maryland families. But we are so close in the fight to end this contract once and for all.

Along with our partners CASA, Indivisible, Jews United for Justice, Our Revolution Howard, and other members of the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice, we are calling on the County Council to support emergency legislation to end the IGSA contract. Howard County must follow public health experts’ guidance and responsibly decrease the detention center’s population.

Send a message to Council Members Jones and Rigby to urge them to support County legislation to end the contract with ICE now!

Message Recipients:
Opel Jones, County Council Member, District 2
Christiana Rigby, County Council Member, District 3

ICE officers at a person's home
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Dear County Council Member

As your constituent, I am concerned that Howard County still has not ended the contract between ICE and the detention center in Jessup. I urge you to support legislation to end the contract as soon as soon possible.

Under Articles 2 and 4 of the County Charter, in case of an immediate emergency affecting public health, the Council can pass bills with much shorter public hearing requirements. Legal experts in the Howard County Immigrant Justice Coalition agree that the Council has the authority to pass legislation to end the IGSA contract with ICE.

Based on public health experts’ advice, detention centers and jails across the country are releasing detainees to help contain COVID-19, including those in Frederick County.

As my representative, I urge you to do everything in your power to keep everyone safe, including ending a contract that continues to increase the number of people in detention facilities.


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