End ICE's Racist 287(g) Program

Across the country, local law enforcement – primarily sheriffs – are being empowered to harass immigrant communities through ICE’s 287(g) program. An ordinary police encounter can mean deportation or families being torn apart as a result, and the majority of local agencies participating have documented records of civil rights abuses – including beatings and killings.

287(g) grew rapidly under Trump and only continues to exacerbate racial profiling, instill fear in communities, and put disproportionate numbers of Black and Brown people into the deportation pipeline. We must put a stop to this racist program once and for all: Tell the Biden Administration to end 287(g) now.

Message Recipients: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security

End 287(g) Now
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End the 287(g) program

I’m urging you to end ICE’s devastating program known as 287(g) now. This program – which grew rapidly under Trump – exacerbates racial profiling, instills fear in our communities, and tears families apart. Moreover, the majority of agencies participating in this program have documented records of civil rights abuses, including beatings and killings.

Please, 287(g) is a broken, racist relic of the past: End it once and for all.


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