End Abortion Coverage Bans: Support the Each Act

For decades, abortion coverage bans like the Hyde Amendment have cut off access to abortion for those enrolled in Medicaid and other insurance programs. These harmful bans disproportionately harm people with low incomes, and particularly people of color – the same communities also being hit hardest by the pandemic and economic crisis. No one should be denied abortion care because of their income, where they live, or how they get their health insurance.

The EACH Act would lift these discriminatory bans once and for all. Send a message to your representatives in Congress urging them to co-sponsor the EACH Act – and support all efforts to lift abortion coverage bans.

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I'm writing as your constituent to tell you that I support ending the Hyde Amendment and related abortion coverage bans. If you haven't yet, I urge you to co-sponsor the EACH Act, which would lift the bans that deny coverage for abortion and to support all efforts to end discriminatory abortion coverage bans. Abortion is basic health care, and our access to it should never depend on how much money we make, where we live, or what type of insurance we have.

The EACH Act helps ensure that we can all make decisions about whether and when to become a parent without political interference. If you haven't already, I urge you to support this crucial bill – and all efforts to end abortion coverage bans.


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