Don't Give DHS a Raise

President Trump wants to reward DHS with an unprecedented level of resources to pursue its cruel policies. That means more money to separate families, build an unnecessary wall, and commit abuses against children in custody.

Now there’s a government shutdown, and it’s becoming clear that Trump is holding federal workers hostage just to get his way with the border wall. Our senators must stand strong against the border wall and refuse to give DHS an undeserved raise.

Update 1/8/19: In a nationwide address, Trump spread lies about immigrants and border security in order to gain support for his needless wall. We can push our senators to keep fighting, and to refuse to send even more of our taxpayer money to DHS.

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Don't reward DHS with more funding

As your constituent, I urge you to reject Trump’s appeal to increase the Department of Homeland Security’s budget, including providing $5 billion in taxpayer money for his unnecessary border wall. We refuse to provide DHS with even more resources to abuse immigrants.

Across the country, people widely rejected Trump's anti-immigrant agenda at the ballot box in November – and our members of Congress have a duty to listen to their constituents. I urge you to uphold the will of the people and reject funding for Trump’s border wall.


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