Demand Transparency for New Yorkers

Transparency in policing is necessary for democracy.

With nationwide calls for reform following police killings of unarmed people and the Trump administration’s support for policing tactics that target immigrants and communities of color, it is more important than ever that New York be a safe haven.

But in New York, there is currently no statewide reporting of police activity or even the number of people who are killed during a law enforcement encounter -- because there is no state or federal requirement to do so.

It’s time for transparency. TAKE ACTION: Demand state leaders pass the Police-STAT Act.

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Statewide reporting on police activity is necessary to heal the broken trust between the community and the police, and create a policing model that promotes public safety for all.

Assemblymember Joe Lentol and Senator Brad Hoylman have introduced the Police Statistics and Transparency (Police-STAT) A.5946/S.7002 that would allow the state to capture:

* The total number of people who die in the course of an arrest

* The total number of arrests and tickets for violations and misdemeanors

* The race, ethnicity, age and sex of people who are charged with violations and misdemeanors or who are killed by the police

* The location of enforcement activity and arrest-related deaths

I urge you to demonstrate national leadership by supporting the Police-STAT Act and ensuring it becomes law.


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