Demand St. Petersburg City Council Make Early Voting Accessible During Local Elections

TAKE ACTION NOW: Contact St. Petersburg City Council Members to Establish More Early Voting Sites

The Florida Legislature made it harder to vote-by-mail in 2020. To ensure voters have the opportunity to engage in our democracy, local governments should make voting more accessible by adding more early voting sites. St. Petersburg City Council currently has the opportunity to implement such a change.

Council members should vote to offer eligible voters all potential options available for them to participate in the elections - starting with early voting, a critical access point for Florida’s voters. Early voting encourages voter turnout and helps prevent voters from missing work time in order to cast their ballots. Spreading in-person voting out over additional days could also protect voters and elections staff from potential COVID-19 outbreaks.

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Dear St. Petersburg City Councilmember,

I am writing to urge you to make voting more accessible in our municipal elections by hosting an early voting location at the St. Petersburg office of the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, for at least the last Friday and weekend before Election Day (October 29th through the 31st).

At a time when politicians in Tallahassee and all across the country are creating intentional barriers to voting, you have the ability to make voting safe and accessible in St. Petersburg. The ability to vote before election day gives working people in St. Pete who may prefer to vote in person more opportunities to exercise their freedom to vote.

Establishing early voting in the days leading up to the municipal election will not only give voters who wish to cast an in-person ballot an additional opportunity to do so, but it would also give voters an additional opportunity to drop their vote-by-mail ballot off at a secure dropbox, and alleviate the risk of their vote being discarded for arriving after election day.

Additionally, not everyone votes the same way. Studies have shown that Black and Latino voters tend to vote early in-person at much higher rates than their white neighbors.

The November election is now just two months away. It is up to you as council members to decide whether you will allow this option for voters, or whether you will choose not to grant St. Petersburg’s voters an equal opportunity for their voices to be heard.


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