Demand Congress Give COVID-19 Relief to Everyone Living in the U.S. – Immigrants Included

Congress is undermining our collective health and safety – and endangering our lives – by failing to provide adequate testing, treatment, and cash assistance for millions of immigrants. Our elected leaders have left behind DACA recipients, many green card holders, people with Temporary Protected Status, undocumented immigrants, and mixed-status families. Any federal COVID-19 relief package must include all communities.

The House included testing, treatment, and economic relief in its HEROES Act, but it is now up to the Senate to include them as well. Specifically, we call on our senators to take two urgent actions to protect us all: make COVID-related testing and treatment available under emergency Medicaid and provide cash assistance to everyone who files taxes. Send your urgent message now.

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Immigrant families being denied COVID-19 relief
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Expand Care to All in the Next COVID-19 Relief Package

As your constituent, I am urging you to include access to testing, treatment, and cash assistance in the next COVID-19 relief bill. So far, the federal government has failed to protect tens of millions of people amidst this public health crisis, undermining the health and safety of us all. The House included this relief in its HEROES Act. The Senate must now take swift action to provide testing and treatment for everyone who needs it – regardless of citizenship or immigration status – by making COVID-related services available under emergency Medicaid. The Senate must also provide cash assistance given to all tax filers, including those using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. Without these changes, our senators continue to fail to secure the wellbeing of the American people.


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