Thank You, Senator Marie Pinkney.

Help us thank Senator Marie Pinkney for her leadership in the fight for probation reform.

This year, lawmakers missed a critical opportunity to take steps toward repairing our broken probation system through Senate Bill 4 (SB 4), legislation that would eliminate unnecessarily burdensome reporting requirements, tailor probation conditions to the needs and circumstances of individuals on probation and limit the use of incarceration for violations when no new crime has been committed.

Despite the setback of not passing probation reform in 2024, we are not backing down. Delawareans deserve real justice reform, and we know that continued organizing, activism, and lobbying will deliver it. We will be back in legislative hall in 2025, continuing to push for these essential reforms.

In the meantime, help us thank Senator Marie Pinkney for her continued leadership. As the prime sponsor of SB 4, Senator Pinkney shepherded probation reform through many difficult moments. We want to thank her, by encouraging you to fill out a thank you note here.

Senator Marie Pinkney holding a sign that says "Real leaders invest in people, not prisons."
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I am writing to express my gratitude for your continued leadership in the fight for probation reform throughout this legislative session.

Thank you for your work and for championing positive change in our communities. I'm not backing down and I know neither are you.


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