Ask the 151st General Assembly to Support Police Reform in 2021


Elected officials may hold the cards, but we are the ones who hold the power to change the system.

We must urge our elected officials to make police reform a priority in 2021. There is an urgent need for transparency, accountability, and oversight of police – and Delaware legislators have the power to make sure it happens.

Our lawmakers can create and pass legislation that would remove laws that shroud police misconduct in secrecy, require the use of body-worn cameras, hold officers accountable for unnecessary use of force, and cancel harmful policing practices like Operation Safe Streets, among others.

Make your voice heard and let your elected officials know that police reform matters to you. Send your legislators a letter asking them to make police reform a priority in 2021.

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Dear Legislator,

In the wake of horrific acts of police brutality this year, people around the country and here in Delaware have been marching, protesting, organizing, and advocating with a rally cry to bring an end to systemic racism in policing and for police accountability and transparency.

Law enforcement officers have an incredible power. They have the ability to violate civil liberties, over-police communities, and sometimes even take lives – often without any real consequences. This issue isn't new, but the past year has made it clear: we can no longer wait to act on police reform in Delaware.

I’m counting on you to use your power as a member of the 151st General Assembly to help create and to support legislation that will move forward real, meaningful police reform. Our communities deserve accountability, transparency, and fair policing practices.


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