For decades, Delaware police officers have enjoyed special layers of protection in incidents of police misconduct through policies and laws that allow harmful practices like excessive use of force and block public access to body-cam recordings and investigations.

In the wake of continued police brutality, and in light of over 56 police-involved shootings that lead to 30 deaths in Delaware since 2005, it’s never been more clear: We must increase police transparency and accountability in Delaware.

Together, we can ensure that police reform moves ahead this year. Send a letter to your legislators asking for their support on this issue, then share this action with your friends and family to spread the word. Delaware: We Need Police Accountability. NOW.

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Dear Legislator,

Do you know that at least 56 people were shot by police in Delaware since 2005, and that more than 30 of those people died? No officers have been convicted in these incidents.

And yet, despite those staggering numbers, police misconduct continues unchecked, putting Delawareans’ lives at risk and growing the deep divide of trust between our communities and the officers who are sworn to serve and protect them.

But we can change this. We need to change this. Delaware needs police accountability, NOW.

I’m counting on you to use your power as my legislator to help create and pass legislation that will move increase accountability and transparency, and I'm urging you to get that done before this year's legislative session ends. We need to begin to heal the deep divide between our communities and the police that are meant to serve and protect them - and the only way to get there is through accountability, transparency, and fair policing practices.


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