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The Connecticut Senate voted to pass S.B. 1019, a strong Clean Slate bill that would give some people, depending on type of conviction, the chance to earn an automatically erased record if they reenter society and go for a defined number of years without a new conviction. We’re disappointed that the bill was amended to exclude people living with a felony-level C conviction, but we also know the remaining bill would still help a lot of people. Critically, the bill also still prevents people from being discriminated against based on an erased record.

Now, the House has to act.

Smart Justice has been outside the Capitol every week this legislative session. In snow, rain, and sun (safely, and masked), we’re making sure that when legislators think about bills like Clean Slate, they’re thinking about us – people directly affected by the harm of living with a record.

Opponents of real, strong Clean Slate are trying to stop this version of the bill from passing. People who have been convicted of a crime, including a felony, can turn their lives around with the right kind of help, and racial disparities in felony convictions should make anyone think twice before trying to limit Clean Slate to only people living with certain misdemeanor records. Without anti-discrimination protections, word of mouth or a Google search of old news stories could put someone in just as precarious a position as if their record had never been erased.

If our society is going to move forward, we have to build a world where redemption is possible, where people are able to support themselves and their families after an arrest or conviction. For Clean Slate to be part of that solution, it must be as inclusive and strong as possible.

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As your constituent, I am writing to ask you to support S.B. 1019, the bill to begin creating a Clean Slate for people living with a record in Connecticut. Please help to bring this bill to the House floor for a vote, and please vote for the current version of the bill, which includes anti-discrimination protections and includes as many people as possible.

Connecticut residents who are living with a record, who have earned their chance to be back in society, should have a fresh start to be able to support themselves and their families, including people living with a felony conviction. Our state needs this strong Clean Slate law with anti-discrimination protections to help people truly become part of our communities after their conviction or incarceration. It is important to me that Connecticut pursue smart justice solutions like Clean Slate to make our state, including our House district, safer, stronger, and fairer for everyone.


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