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Connecticut needs early voting and no-excuse absentee voting. We're one of only 7 states without some form of early in-person voting and one of only 16 states without no-excuse absentee voting. These restrictions harm all voters, and they especially harm Black and Latinx voters, people with disabilities, and people who lack job flexibility, transportation, or childcare.

H.J. 59 would give voters a chance to decide about whether our state should have early voting, and H.J. 58 would give voters a chance to decide about whether our state should have no-excuse absentee voting.

Both bills have passed out of committee, and the House of Representatives needs to bring them up to a vote before it's too late.

Early voting and absentee voting will make our democracy stronger by giving voters more options to access the ballot. Voters at least deserve the chance to decide whether to enact early voting and absentee voting for our state. Take action for voting rights now.

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As your constituent and as someone who cares about democracy and access to the ballot box, I strongly urge you to support voting rights by bringing H.J. 58 and H.J. 59 up for floor votes in the House of Representatives. In addition, I ask you to vote for both of these State Constitutional Amendment Resolutions when they appear before you on the floor.

Early voting and no-excuse absentee voting would strengthen our democracy, and as your constituent, I ask you to take action now to ensure H.J. 58 and H.J. 59 come up for a vote and pass out of the House of Representatives.


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