Protect Incarcerated People from COVID-19


During this time of crisis, Governor Ned Lamont and other decisionmakers need to hear from Connecticut residents who want incarcerated people, including youth who are detained or incarcerated, to be protected from COVID-19.

Right now, incarcerated people are at serious risk. Close quarters, lack of access to hygiene supplies, and inadequate medical care place them at high risk of illness from COVID-19. Connecticut’s prison population also includes many elderly people and people with pre-existing health conditions, who are at additional serious risk.

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Governor Ned Lamont
Paul Mounds, Chief of Staff
Josh Geballe, COO

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As your constituent, I am asking you to publicly release a COVID-19 response plan that includes: the thoughtful release of vulnerable people who are incarcerated, steps to prevent new prison and jail admissions, and protections for people who remain incarcerated.

More than 12,000 people are incarcerated right now in Connecticut, placing them at risk of illness from COVID-19. Confining people in close quarters increases the risk of infection, and Connecticut residents who are incarcerated include many elderly people and people with serious pre-existing health conditions.

Governor, please release a plan for thoughtful, compassionate, and swift release of people who are incarcerated, including youth who are detained and incarcerated. You have the power to make sure that plan includes: releasing people who are being held pre-trial based on inability to afford bail; and instituting furloughs, compassionate release, and expedited parole for incarcerated people who are at high risk of serious illness from COVID-19 and pose no public safety threat. You also have the power to prevent new prison and jail admissions as much as possible, to prevent new people from the exposure risks of Connecticut prisons and jails.


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