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With millions of absentee ballots still being processed across the country right now, any attempts to halt the full count of votes at this moment is undemocratic and dangerous. The goal of any democratic election is to represent the will of the people – and to achieve that goal, we must count every single vote.

Moreover, refusing to count these ballots would disenfranchise voters of color disproportionately – nationally, 44 percent of the electorate who planned to vote by mail are voters of color. This is our democracy and voters decide the winner. Tell your representative to publicly support counting every vote before calling the election.

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As your constituent, I’m urging you to defend our country’s democracy during this pivotal election by calling for the continued count of every single vote before a presidential winner is announced.

Ensuring that every voter's ballot is counted – and voice is heard – is more important to the future of this country than rushing results. Please, for our democracy, ensure every vote is counted accurately and completely.


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