Congress: Support Asylum Seekers

The Trump administration is trying to dismantle this country's asylum system as we know it. Last year, the administration implemented a new policy of forcing asylum seekers into Mexico, where they can face kidnapping, rape, and even murder as they wait for their court hearings.

We can fight the forced return to Mexico program by passing the Asylum Seeker Protection Act, which defunds it. Join this fight by sending a message to your representative.

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Congress: Support Asylum Seekers
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Cosponsor the Asylum Seeker Protection Act (H.R. 2662)

As your constituent, I urge you to cosponsor the Asylum Seeker Protection Act (H.R. 2662). We must show the Trump administration that we will not shut the door on vulnerable people seeking asylum.

Congress must not allow the Trump administration to put asylum seekers in harm's way. Co-sponsor the Asylum Seeker Protection Act (H.R. 2662) now.


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