Congress: Pathway to Citizenship Now

The fight for citizenship continues. We need you in a critical moment right now to help urge Congress to deliver real protection for our immigrant neighbors and loved ones.

After years of unrelenting and heartless attacks on immigrant communities – particularly under Trump – Congress is currently debating whether to include a pathway to citizenship in the new Build Back Better reconciliation bill.

Doing so will provide a lifeline to millions of immigrants who are under attack by anti-immigrant politicians and it cannot wait: Send a message to Congress telling them to support a pathway to citizenship.

Message Recipients: Your U.S. Senators

Congress: Pathway to Citizenship Now
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Support a Path to Citizenship

As your constituent, I ask you to continue the fight and use your power to create a path to citizenship, so that immigrants who call this country home no longer have to live in fear of deportation. Our communities grow stronger when immigrants are included.

It's time for Congress to defend the rights of immigrants and end the attacks on undocumented people. Please support a pathway to citizenship now.


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