Congress: Expand Voting Access During COVID-19

Congress must address COVID-19's impact on the 2020 elections by passing a relief package that requires states to provide no-excuse absentee voting and expanded early voting and the funding necessary – at least $4 billion – to enact these changes. Senators must also co-sponsor and pass the VoteSafe Act.

The House passed the HEROES Act, which includes vital measures to protect our health and right to vote. But now, it's up to the Senate to push for these critical voting provisions in its next relief bill – and additionally, co-sponsor Sen. Kamala Harris and Congressman Jim Clyburn’s VoteSafe Act. As we all fight to contain COVID-19, our democracy must be fully functioning – that means safeguarding our right to vote.

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Expand voting access in COVID-19 relief bill

As your constituent, I urge you to protect the right to vote – by both co-sponsoring the VoteSafe Act, and building upon the HEROES Act by passing a COVID-19 relief package that includes a mandated 14-day minimum early vote period, no-excuse mail-in absentee voting, and at least $4 billion in federal funds – the amount required to make early voting and vote by mail accessible nationwide.


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