Congress is on the cusp of rectifying a decades-long crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparity that has disproportionately harmed Black communities and we must ensure they act. Despite the fact that crack and powder cocaine are chemically identical, the current federal sentencing disparity is still 18-to-1. As a result, for over 35 years, Black people have faced longer prison sentences due to these harsher penalties because they are more likely than white people to be prosecuted for crack offenses. This unjust framework has devastated communities of color.

It’s time we finally put an end to this unfair law. The EQUAL Act will correct this racist disparity by treating crack and powder cocaine offenses equally: Tell your senators to pass the EQUAL Act now.

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Take Action: End Racist Sentencing Disparities
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Pass the EQUAL Act now

As your constituent, I urge you to pass the EQUAL Act (S. 79) – a critical piece of legislation that will finally eliminate the racist sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine laws that exist in this country.

Please do all you can to ensure the swift passage of the EQUAL Act today to bring greater fairness to our federal sentencing laws.


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