Congress: End Forced Labor in Prisons

Despite the fact that many are taught that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude more than 150 years ago, forced, unpaid labor still persists to this day in our country – due in large part to the "exception clause" of the 13th Amendment. This egregious loophole barred slavery except for people who have been convicted of crimes – which has resulted in the forced labor of incarcerated workers across the country and encouraged the continued overcriminalization of Black and Brown people for centuries.

But there’s legislation that could end the "exception clause" once and for all – and we must demand our lawmakers take action on it. So please send a message to Congress and tell them to pass the Abolition Amendment immediately.

Message Recipients: Your U.S. House Representative and Senators

Congress: End Forced Labor in Prisons
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Pass the Abolition Amendment (S.J.Res.33/H.J.Res.72)

As your constituent, I urge you to support passage of the Abolition Amendment (S.J.Res.33/H.J.Res.72) – which would end slavery and involuntary servitude in all its forms — including forced labor in prisons.

In the land of the free, forced labor is never acceptable. So please, take action immediately to end the exception – and pass the Abolition Amendment.


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