Congress: Don't fund Trump's border troops

In a flailing attempt to cling to the divisive ideals of his campaign, President Trump has announced plans to deploy troops to guard the U.S.-Mexico border. This plan would harm border communities and throw away U.S. taxpayer money for no good reason. Border crossings are near an all-time low, and deploying the military in neighborhoods would be a dangerous violation of the norms of civil society. Members of Congress should act now to ensure that not one cent of our money goes toward Trump's pointless, wasteful, and harmful plan.

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Congress: Don't fund Trump's border troops
Dear Member of Congress,

Despite President Trump's alarmism, there is no need for U.S. troops at the border. The border region is already highly militarized and border crossings are near an all-time low. The government should not exploit border communities and taxpayers to score political points in this manufactured crisis.

This is an opportunity for members of Congress to focus on real issues, not politically manufactured crises that harm millions of people. Don't support the deployment of troops at the U.S. border.


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