Congress: Close Irwin County Detention Center and Divest From ICE

Close Irwin County Detention

The recent allegations of forced hysterectomies on people in immigrant detention are horrific. And we know this is just one piece of a larger, deeply disturbing puzzle: pervasive medical neglect, blatantly deficient COVID-19 precautions, and disregard of the dignity of the human beings in detention.

It's clear there is a pattern of abuse at Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers and something must be done. Help us fight in solidarity with local leaders and organizations nationwide to stop this inhumane system. Send a message urging Congress to close Irwin County Detention Center immediately and divest from ICE.

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Close Irwin County Detention Center and Divest From ICE
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Close Irwin County Detention Center and Divest From ICE

The recent reports of people in detention being sterilized without consent or knowledge, blatant disregard for safety during a pandemic, and inadequate COVID-19 precautions, reinforces the concern that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) cannot be trusted to care for people in their custody. The immigration detention system is fundamentally broken, and “reforms” are simply not enough. We must divest from ICE and as your constituent, I’m urging you to start by shutting down Irwin County Detention Center.

Please, use your power to hold this agency accountable once and for all: Divest from ICE now, beginning by closing down Irwin County Detention Center.


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