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Senate Bill 21-062 is an important next step in reversing mass incarceration, over-policing, and racial disparities in the criminal legal system. It focuses on safely reducing the number of people arrested and held pretrial in Colorado jails by reserving jail beds for people who pose a threat to others, rather than people who happen to be experiencing poverty.

This important legislation is facing opposition from some who are deliberately spreading misinformation in an effort to ensure that the status quo remains. Know the facts about SB21-62.

The status quo has only led to overcrowded jails and prisons, and the needless deaths of Michael Marshall, Marvin Booker, and countless others. As Mr. Marshall’s niece Natalia told us recently: "The status quo is literally killing us." We can safely reduce our jail populations while protecting public safety, and that is exactly what SB21-62 does. To ensure this bill passes, we urgently need you to contact your representatives now to pass SB21-062 and protect the public, reduce jail populations, and keep families together.

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I am a constituent from your district and I urge you to vote to support SB21-062. Of people incarcerated in Colorado jails, 60 percent are legally innocent. They are stuck waiting for their day in court solely because they can not afford cash bail.

Cash bail conditions freedom on money, and it costs lives. Suicide is a leading cause of death in jails. Too many Coloradans have died by suicide while held in jail on money bond. Under SB21-062, many would likely have lived.

By passing SB21-062, Colorado has an opportunity to save lives, money, families, and jobs, honoring the promise of our Constitution, which guarantees a presumption of innocence and prohibits incarcerating people for poverty. Once again, I urge you to vote YES on SB21-062 to build a more just future for our state.


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