Tell the Governor to Release Vulnerable Communities from Prison


While Colorado's COVID-19 curve is flattening, the public health crisis is ramping up in our prisons, which are set to become the epicenter of Colorado's fight against the virus. The Governor must take action to bring our neighbors safely home or more people will die both behind bars and in the community. We need statewide leadership to reduce incarcerated populations and release the most vulnerable communities from prison as a vital step in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Tell Governor Polis to free the elderly and sick from Colorado's prisons and stop the spread of COVID-19.

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We urge you to exercise your substantial power to safely release as many incarcerated people as possible, most particularly incarcerated people who, due to their age and/or medical conditions, are at serious risk of sickness or death from COVID-19. Without immediate action, widespread illness, hospitalizations, and deaths are inevitable.

We ask that you act urgently to avoid a public health catastrophe as Colorado’s prisons are overwhelmed with thousands of sick and dying staff and incarcerated people. The time to act - and save lives - is now.


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