Tell Governor Polis to Release Vulnerable People from Prisons and Stop COVID-19


To protect the public health and safety of thousands of incarcerated people and the staff that work in our correctional facilities, as well as the health of the broader Colorado public, we must reduce the number of medically vulnerable people in prisons and jails.

We need you. Tell Governor Polis to safely release the elderly and sick from unsafe, overcrowded prisons in Colorado, and save lives now.

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I urge you to issue an executive order granting the Colorado Department of Corrections the power to release at-risk incarcerated people, and to exercise your own clemency and commutation powers to save lives behind bars.

There are hundreds of medically vulnerable, sick or elderly prisoners who pose no threat to public safety, but who face a serious risk of dying of COVID-19 in Colorado’s overcrowded prisons. A prison sentence should not be a death sentence. Take action to bring our neighbors safely home or more people will die both behind bars and in the community.


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