Take Action: Put a Stop to Unchecked Surveillance

A recent proposal by Mayor Breed seizes upon fears of crime as an excuse to gut San Francisco’s surveillance oversight laws.

San Francisco’s surveillance protections were put in place to end decades of discrimination and abuse by the SFPD. Since the City enacted this important law, two and a half years ago, the police have defied it, and were even caught illegally spying on the Black Lives Matter movement.

We cannot let the Mayor and SFPD gut a law designed to protect our civil rights. Tell the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors: don’t give the police unchecked surveillance power.

Message Recipients:

London N. Breed, Mayor
Connie Chan, Board Supervisor, District 1
Catherine Stefani, Board Supervisor, District 2
Aaron Peskin, Board Supervisor, District 3
Gordon Mar, Board Supervisor, District 4
Dean Preston, Board Supervisor, District 5
Matt Haney, Board Supervisor, District 6
Myrna Melgar, Board Supervisor, District 7
Rafael Mandelman, Board Supervisor, District 8
Hillary Ronen, Board Supervisor, District 9
Shamann Walton, Board Supervisor, District 10
Ahsha Safaí, Board Supervisor, District 11

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I am writing as a San Francisco resident deeply troubled by recent efforts to gut the 2019 Surveillance Technology Ordinance. The ballot measure proposed by the Mayor would take the safeguards off of police surveillance by creating exceptions so large that it would essentially render much of the law meaningless.

We acknowledge that there are communities in San Francisco that suffer disproportionately from serious crime, but these are the same communities that will be harmed by surveillance without oversight. We must not allow forces to use fear as an excuse to give police unchecked power.

Please, listen to your constituents. Reject this proposal and fully uphold the City’s surveillance technology ordinance.


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