Stop SFPD’s Mass Surveillance of Activists

After the murder of George Floyd, the San Francisco Police Department illegally spied on thousands of activists as they marched against the incessant racism and violence inflicted on Black people by police. In doing so, SFPD blatantly ignored the surveillance accountability law that the ACLU and a host of community partners passed last year to prevent this exact type of secret spying and abuse.

Now, a group of local activists are fighting back – teaming up with the ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation to sue the City and hold SFPD accountable.

Since the lawsuit was filed, the community has been up in arms, demanding that the Board of Supervisors immediately act to investigate SFPD and expand the law to ensure the police can’t exploit private camera networks for mass surveillance again.

Join the chorus of voices and send a message to the Board of Supervisors. The louder we are, the more power we have. And with enough power, we can protect future activists, and make sure that the police know that the people in San Francisco won’t let them break the law without consequences.

Message Recipients:

Sandra Lee Fewer, Board Supervisor, District 1
Catherine Stefani, Board Supervisor, District 2
Aaron Peskin, Board Supervisor, District 3
Gordon Mar, Board Supervisor, District 4
Dean Preston, Board Supervisor, District 5
Matt Haney, Board Supervisor, District 6
Norman Yee, Board President, District 7
Rafael Mandelman, Board Supervisor, District 8
Hillary Ronen, Board Supervisor, District 9
Shamann Walton, Board Supervisor, District 10
Ahsha Safaí, Board Supervisor, District 11

Image by Electronic Frontier Foundation under Creative Commons license.

Two surveillance cameras with reflection of BLM protesters. Image by Electronic Frontier Foundation under Creative Commons license.
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I’m writing to express my deep concern about the San Francisco Police Department’s illegal surveillance of thousands of activists as they marched to protest the murder of George Floyd. I ask that you investigate SFPD’s illegal surveillance and expand the law to explicitly prohibit the city government from exploiting private cameras for mass surveillance.

It’s up to you to hold SFPD accountable and prevent mass surveillance of Black-led protests. We urge you to investigate SFPD’s illegal actions and act to expand the ordinance’s protections. Our right to freely organize without fear must be protected, especially as the ongoing movement to end police violence against Black people continues to grow.


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