Cancel Trump's Sham National Emergency

President Trump’s sham national emergency is a blatant abuse of presidential power – all to build his unnecessary, harmful border wall. The ACLU is suing, but it's not just the job of the courts to uphold the Constitution – it's the job of every senator who swore an oath to do just that.

The House of Representatives rose above partisanship to defend the Constitution and pass a resolution, and now it's the Senate's turn. Senators must vote to terminate Trump's illegitimate emergency declaration.

Update 3/15/19: After activists flooded congressional phone lines, a majority of senators voted to reject the emergency declaration – but President Trump overrode Congress with a veto. Now it's up to the courts to stop this abuse of presidential power.

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President Trump standing in front of a pile of money and a border wall
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Pass the resolution to terminate the national emergency

President Trump's declaration of a national emergency is an illegal attempt to violate the laws passed by Congress and override congressional funding restrictions in order to build his border wall. Our senators must fulfill their oaths to defend the Constitution.

I urge you to vote for the resolution and swiftly end this constitutional crisis. The integrity of our democracy depends on it.


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